Soliton (saintbryan) wrote,

My Superbowl commercial

I wrote a commercial that they should have played during the Super Bowl. Actually, they did, over and over again, but it had a variety of formats. This is my uber-commercial.

The world becomes static. It spreads from the screen.

“This is the emergency broadcasting network,” a voice says, “there is a problem with the server. The world is a mess. Your climate is being destroyed. The streets of the world are plagued with terror. The streets of home are plagued with boredom. You are tired of being unhappy, of being imperfect, of being in the dark. But now is the time to fix all of that. Now is the time for (r)evolution.”

The static stutters and you see visions of your life. Your arms, so familiar in front of you, cutting an onion. The sun on your face. The tension in your shoulder blades and a shallow sigh.

All is static again.

“You have been living in a prison, where your true potential has been suppressed.”

Visions of oppressive governments and of a gray race of business drones filling the city streets.

“But now the servers are being reset. Now you will be free. Now you will shine. The new world is a place where the music never ends. With the power of the imagination alone, you will be free to manifest anything that you desire. You will know power. Fame. Beauty. Love. The true meaning of luxury. You will be limitless. And you will not be alone.”

Visions of the people of Earth, staring hopefully up into the sky. The Black-Eyed Peas sing "Tonight's gonna be a good night." The sun rises and washes the world with golden light, as if for the first time. The spark within the eyes of each person expand and fill their bodies with radiant golden light. A wave of gold explodes across the globe. The music crescendos.

The vision goes black.

“We'll sell them a piece of blue sky,” he says. The company logo appears. Freeing us from reality.

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