Soliton (saintbryan) wrote,

Workin in the Dream

This weekend I started my new job at American Dream Pizza. I'm washing dishes for 7 hours a day on the weekends. It's pretty fun. One thing that makes it fun is the fact that I like everyone who works there. The work atmosphere is very unoppressive, and I feel pretty comfortable with acting how I really want to act. That's awesome for a work environment. I'm glad I got the job.

The other reason I've been having fun with the job is because I've been observing the psycho-physical effects that the work itself has been having on me. I basically learned a new skill and practised it for a total of 17 hours over 3 days. After the first day, I could hardly sleep because whenever I closed my eyes, I saw nothing but stacks of dishes and a hose, and could feel nothing but hot water and the physical movements of throwing plates into racks and turning on the sterilizing machine. I realized that this was happening because my brain was very busy at work building new neural pathways. A new ravine was being dug through my brain and rehearsed unconsciously over and over again. That night I dreamt in the language of dishwashing. I realized that this is something that happens everytime I first begin to learn a new skill: for the first few nights I dream in the language of that skill. I noticed it with martial arts, and with chaos theory, permaculture, and with sprinkler  systems and landscaping.

Dish washing is pretty repetitive, but very fast-paced and energetic. I noticed that it seemed to bring on an interesting trance-like state of mind. My brain would enter such flowing autopilot mode, the brand-new ravine gushing such high amounts of electricity, that it was literally making me feel high, like I had just taken some LSD. It was exhausing but strangely addictive, my glands pumping feel-good juice through my body whenever a glistening, steamy-clean dish hit the rack. I noticed something like this during the last week of my landscaping job when I no longer cared about being fired, so I just worked hard and fast with my mind on nothing but the work.

Action is divine light washing upon the breakers of existence, solidifying to become the ever-changing rocks themselves.
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