Soliton (saintbryan) wrote,

The Normal Catasrophe

There's a trope that says that ancient people, upon witnessing a solar eclipse may have become afraid that the world was coming to an end, and so may have turned to the priests or kings to help end the calamity. In this myth, it's the people's ignorance of natural cycles that causes the panic.

Today, those of us who are capable of considering the magnitude of the techno/psycho/enviro/political catastrophe that has been unfolding before us as the years go by, will recognize that the things we will witness in our lifetimes will be unfathomably weird, and maybe more than a little terrifying. For many, it may seem as though the sun is slowly being blotted out, and the "end of the world" is inevitable. We will be very tempted to turn to our "priests" for aid. Note that our priests these days are simply the figures who appear to be in charge (politicians), who appear to have access to privileged knowledge (scientists), who offer us hope and comfort and distraction (celebrities, merchant-kings).

But I think our greatest benefit will come from educating ourselves about the natural cycles of things. I suspect that even our view of death is just as ignorant as that of an "ancient yokel" witnessing an eclipse, or a dog trembling at a thunder clap.

I wish you all a revealing winter solstice.

When I posted this entry, a banner advertisement was present that I just felt would be relevant to share:

What are these poor saps going to do when the rivers overrun? The greatest insurance is correlation with "mother nature", not dissociation.
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