Soliton (saintbryan) wrote,

omnipresent commercials in my dreams

I furrow my brow often when I think about the future. It's like each time I furrow my brow, I drive the concern deeper into my brain. Now I'm dreaming about the future of advertising.

I found myself watching a large, cooperative version of air-hockey (the crowd reaching their fists in to bat at the puck). The team on the opposite side of the court kept scoring against the team on my side. I wanted to humiliate them, so I placed a can of Pepsi in our goal box. When the puck hit the can, it burst open, and an omnipresent advertisement-seeking program saw this event as an opportunity to record a Pepsi advertisement. A massive Pepsi sign began flashing repeatedly on the wall behind the opposing team. All of this was now being broadcast. Everyone in the ad cheered and loved it because they were now in a commercial (everyone in this world wants to be in a commercial). I took the can and held it up to the commercial group and said "fuck Pepsi!" and smashed the can. It felt good, and probably pissed everyone off, but I felt the gesture to be mostly ineffectual because I knew that my actions were automatically being edited out of the commercial and would not be broadcast.
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