Soliton (saintbryan) wrote,

What are UFOs?

Yesterday I saw some flying things that I could not identify. It was 7pm, the sun was low in the west, not yet below the treeline, and the sky was vibrant blue. I was laying on my back in the playground of my old Kindergarten, watching the "floaters" and "stars" dart around in my vision against the field of blue. One "floater" looked particularly bright, a pale white bird-like shape, and it slid smoothly across my field of vision towards the west. Then I suspected that it was not a floater, but actually something in the sky that I was looking at. I looked away and looked back (knowing that eye-floaters will slosh around with that motion). The object was still there, maintaining it's swift course. A bird? It wasn't flapping it's wings, and it was going too fast. An airplane? If it was the size of a commercial airliner, it was going about 10 times the speed possible for those things. A satellite? Maybe. I t was very small and difficult to see, but I watched it head west, then I saw a glint which looked like the blink of a fuselage light (or the flash of an imperfect vision grain), and I had lost sight of it.

I pondered this for a few moments. I saw some birds flying high above me. They looked very different from what I'd just seen. Then I saw another one, following the same course. It's shape, perhaps a pale speck, I can't remember, but it was definitely moving fast. In the distance, it seemed to suddenly fade away into nothing. Odd. "Probably a satellite glinting off of the setting sun. Cool," I thought, "or... maybe not? They seemed a little big and visible to be satellites. I mean, I can't really tell."

I lay there thinking about it some more, watching the sky for objects. I saw a couple commercial jets, about the same size (relative to my vision) as the objects I'd seen, but definitely travelling quite slow across the sky. Soon, I saw a third object, heading generally in the same direction, but not along the exact same course as the other two. This is amusing, I thought. I can't tell what these are. I guess that means they're UFOs, right? I guess I can tell people I've seen UFOs now, huh?

I kept looking for objects. I saw another plane, more high altitude birds, plenty of floaters and crazy gyrating flashy visual grains, and even a strange white orb hovering directly above me, which turned out to be a fluffy airborne seed 5 feet above me.

Then I saw a 4th strange object, this time heading south. It was shaped weird, so I blinked to adjust my contact lens (I was only wearing one), and the shape changed. It might have been more tree fluff, falling not far from me, so I stood up and began to run towards it, to better make out it's distance. It was not tree fluff. It looked like two dart-shaped things flying very close to each other at a pretty fast clip. Then it was gone behind the treeline.

I hung out for a while and didn't see any more. "Golly! 4 genuine UFOS! I guess? Are satellites that visible in the daytime? And that big? Or was the size of these objects just the result of my contact lens making them a little blurry? Were these really UFOs?"

I found that question to be enormously silly. Is a UFO something you cannot explain? In that case, the "alien spaceships" people see are not UFOs, because people go out of their way to explain exactly what they are: alien spaceships. You can "explain" anything. But it doesn't make your explaination correct. I think what I was "actually" seeing were flying unidentifiable objects. FUOs. In other words, I don't know what they were. Does that mean I can tell people I've seen UFOs?

I used the term "UFO" with my dad and my brother before describing the incident to them. My dad said "why would UFOs come to Corvallis?" Huh? Why would things I can't identify come to corvallis? I don't know? When I told my brother, he tried to warn me that UFOs/aliens are actually demons. Hmm. Well then I'd better decide that they were something I'm familiar with, pronto, before the bogeymen get me!

Ok, so in our culture, "UFO" has come to mean "I don't know! Probably an alien space ship! Who knows!" I can deal with that. In that case, I could not identify them as UFOs. They were FUOs. I'm sure of it.
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